Monday Words: Being Real

So here’s to being a little more raw, with less expectation of perfection. Instead let’s accept that perfection does not come in moments captured with just the right filter, and is not dependent on the amount of likes. Continue reading Monday Words: Being Real


Ushering in the new season

This past week has seen spring starting to break over Lincoln. From pink stained skies to daffodils starting to bloom, the feeling that the new season is almost here is palpable. Life much like the weather, runs in seasons, and as the warm(er) weather begins to break through, so too have things in my life begun to shift. Continue reading Ushering in the new season

A few South Africans

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in London, my friend Alex and I made our way to the Tate Modern to do as Londoners do on a Sunday and take in some art. I’ve always loved the Tate, with its vast industrial spaces and the feeling of peace that emanates around some of the world’s most prolific art … Continue reading A few South Africans

Two Years

Today, two years ago I landed at Heathrow airport. Touching down to a heavy grey sky threatening snow flurries with two suitcases and a stomach full of butterflies. I stepped off of the plane unsure about the path that lay ahead. Two years on, I’m trying to remember what I felt in those early moments. … Continue reading Two Years