Pink & Grey Dressing Room

3 thoughts on “Pink & Grey Dressing Room”

  1. Hi there! You seem like a really nice person and we have a couple of things in common – not everything though as I support Man U 😉

    I do have a rescue cat, Hatster, whom I love. I’m also very fond of the grey & pink Scandinavian theme which is the look I’m going for in my living room – similar to your dressing room.

    That’s how I stumbled across your blog, I searched for ‘next geo curtains’ on Pinterest as I’ve decided to buy these. However, I was going to order them through ‘Next made 2 measure’ or just buy the fabric by meter and have them made up by somebody else!

    Ordering them from ‘Next made 2 measure’ was going to cost me nearly £500 as they’re for my 320cm wide bay windows. I also want thermal lining and ideally pinch pleat which is an additional £130 which I think is a bit steep.

    I must say what an incredible find your blogpost is though because little did I know that they exist as ready made!

    Do your curtains have thermal lining and did you have to take yours up?

    I’m assuming they don’t exist in pinch pleat so pencil pleat will do. If they only do eyelet then I’ll buy these and have them altered as the bay window only allows track not curtain poles.

    Many thanks again for your incredibly helpful blogpost, I’m so pleased I found it!!

    Kind regards,

    Ps, Are you on Instagram?


  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you soooo much for an amazing blogpost! I had decided to order the Tri Geo Blush curtains from Next but was going to have them made to measure for my 320cm wide bay windows. This was going to cost me a total of £525! I didn’t know they existed as readymade eyelet curtains but found them thanks to your link Sunday morning.

    Was going to order them online Monday morning but then they were sold out in the size I needed. Thankfully, I managed to find the last pair in a store in my area 😅

    I still have to have them altered by a curtain lady who is changing the heading to pinch pleat, adding thermal lining and taking them up. However, I’m making a saving of a whopping £339.

    I just wanted to say thanks directly to you as without your blog I would have bought them made to measure. And I was going to do the same for my bedroom curtains (Geo Jacquard Copper) so I’m saving another £285 on those as they exist as readymade too!

    I only bought both yesterday and today the curtain lady is coming round to collect them. I am over the moon and almost too excited. Once they’re done and up I might tag you on Insta. Hope you don’t mind x


    1. Hi Frida, thanks so much for the lovely comments! I am so happy that you found my blog post and that you were able to save so much money by buying them readymade! They really are fantastic curtains and so well made. Mine have the thermal lining and are 138cm by 183cm and fit the space perfectly. Yes I am on instagram @miss_botha. please feel free to tag me in your post! I can’t wait to see them!

      Thanks again for taking the time to leave me a comment, it really made my day.

      Sarah xxx


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